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We all know the healing powers of nutritional fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables give us many powerful minerals and live enzymes that help promote our health, from the inside to the out. Despite this, many of us find ourselves having trouble keeping up with this healthy lifestyle. The ever busy lifestyle gives us very less time to prepare. No matter how much you may want to make healthy choices, it can feel like there simply isn’t time. There are many people who lead busy lives with their demanding jobs leaving them less time to give a priority to healthy eating. When running out the door, it’s easier to grab a pre-packaged granola bar than whip up a veggie scramble. And when faced with the decision to work an extra hour or head to yoga, it can be tough to convince yourself to get up and break that productivity stride.


Year after year we keep constantly working to meet endless deadlines and completely forget our bodies. The canteen food, street food, packaged and processed food or fast food has increased the risk of several diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack, liver damage, stroke, migraine, constipation, obesity, high blood pressure, low immunity, low energy, backache, low sperm count, infertility, sexual dysfunction etc.

Therefore, it is important to fuel your body with good nutrition by having healthy foods so that you have enough energy to cope up with the daily stress at work as well as to avoid expensive and life-threatening diseases.


Too busy to eat healthy? No more with Juicy Moustache

Juicy Moustache packs all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need in each lip smacking sip or food. Eat or drink up to nourish your body and rejuvenate your soul. Cheers, to your health!

Juicy Moustache takes its cue from Mother Nature herself. Simplicity, purity and balance are the three pillars upon which our juice & food line is built. We make use of nature’s gifts by blending our juices with the freshest, locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Procuring the purest produce available ensures that every bottle and packet of Juicy Moustache is a wholesome and natural prescription for health from the inside out.


Most of the time, simply making your own dishes and juices with supermarket produce is not enough. Did you know that super markets fruits and vegetables are usually about 15 days old by the time they reach the consumer? By this time, nutrients associated with the fruits and vegetable have degraded. Through the use of high quality and organic fruits and veggies, the Juicy Moustache gives you an experience that cannot be bought in a grocery store. This is especially helpful to those trying to eat a diet rich in raw food!

We’ve done the research, prepared the blends, and cold-pressed the health right into your hands. All you need to do is sip or eat and enjoy!

Our drinks and food all have one thing in common; they all promise high quality, organic, and tasty options that promote health and wellness - physical, mental and spiritual, all while supporting the sustainability of our environment.   


Why us?

We are driven by genuine love and passion to provide a life changing addition to your lives and our life. We use stainless steel juicer made from surgical grade steel and imported from the U.S.A. We don't use plastic juicer's which causes cancer. We pack our juices in food grade glass bottles only. We don't use plastic bottles as it causes cancer. We make sure our juices are delivered to your doorstep in its natural active potent state within 90 minutes of being cold pressed. Whether in transportation, cleaning, juicing, we don't compromise on quality to provide the best possible deal to suit everyone's budget. We exclusively use cold press and slow juicers. Cold press juices are tons healthier as they produce easy to absorb vitamins, protein, minerals and enzymes. Drink or eat at the comfort of your home. Daily Delivered fresh at your doorsteps.

Our Founders

Driven by love of nature and the mother earth and the concern for the ever declining quality of food and dominance of harmful food products on the shelves of the foodstores, Rrahul and Monika decided to make a difference. The Eartharomaa Lifestyles Private Limited was founded with a spirited heart and an ambitious goal - to offer the purest, cold pressed juices, delicious superfood smoothies and nutritious food that help towards a happier mind, body, and soul, while leading the way for socially-conscious initiatives.


Our Brands

Eartharomaa Lifestyles is made of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways—but all with a focus on making difference in peoples’ lives with healthier & eco-friendly options.

Juicy Moustache Wheatgrass Juice