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Only FRESH healthy ORGANIC cold pressed JUICES at YOUR doorsteps.


We make our juice raw, alive and full of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. It never gets heated or high-pressurized, 100% fresh.


Your body deserves the best vitamins and drinks. We provide only top quality products based on organic materials. Live long and healthy.


No sugar. No preservatives. No colours. No harmful chemicals.

Cheers Kolkata!

We offer fresh organic cold pressed AND 100 % pure WHEATGRASS juice, fruit and vegetable juices, detox juices, golden hot milk with saffron and hundreds of natural drinks from all over the world. We consider sugar to be white poison and we do not use it in any of our products. We use surgical grade stainless steel juicer imported from U.S.A . We don't use plastic juicer nor plastic bottles since it causes cancer. We use food grade glass bottles.


Smoothies & Bowls

What’s New?

Wheatgrass 30 bottles plan

Eartharomaa wheatgrass juice is made from fresh organic wheatgrasses. It’s cold pressed daily as per your delivery schedule and delivered to your doorsteps in Kolkata within 60 to 90 minutes from the time it’s cold pressed. Wheatgrass 30 bottles plan gives you 1 bottle of fresh organic wheatgrass juice for 30 days. Total 30 bottles.


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Juicy Moustache juices are made from fresh organic fruits & vegetables. It's cold pressed and delivered to your door in Kolkata within 90 minutes from the time it's cold pressed. No preservatives! No water and sugar! Prices starts from Rs. 180 onwards. Delivery free in Kolkata. Call 9830-108-108 to know which fruit juice is available and to place your order.


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Eartharomaa microgreens are grown from the highest quality organic seeds in natural sunlight. We deliver it to your doorsteps daily in Kolkata.


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Juicy Moustache Wheatgrass Juice

Juicy Moustache Best Cold-Pressed Juice.

What’s New?

No HPP or Pasteurization

High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Pasteurization are two processes that juice companies often use to extend the shelf life of their juices. Both of these processes destroy the healthful live enzymes that are normally found in cold-pressed juice.

It also begs the question-why would you want to drink juice that was made four weeks ago? By then, you’re just drinking sugar water.

Super Fresh

We believe in fresh juice with short shelf lives. Because we are located in Kolkata and make our juice daily, we provide our customers with super fresh juice that’s concentrated in live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and powerful phytonutrients.

High Quality Organics

Organics are better for you and for the planet. They’re much more concentrated in plant nutrients to boost your body’s potential. Sourcing organic produce also supports farms that treat the soil, water, and air in a sustainable manner.

Free Delivery

Currently we deliver all over Kolkata, Salt lake and New Town area. Only when you place your order, we prepare our juices with fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver to your doorstep within 60 minutes after we cold-press it.

No water Added

Most juice companies including famous brands only use 3% real juice and rest 97% is water, sugar, colour, flavourings etc. We don’t add any water or sugar or anything else to any of our cold-pressed juices, as this would dilute the nutrients and are very harmful to health. Just read the ingredient list of any famous packaged juice brand.

Bottled in Glass

Plastic bottles cause cancer. The highest quality juice deserves the highest quality bottle. Our glass bottles are reusable which reduces our environmental footprint. Plus-and call us crazy here-drinking juice out of glass just tastes better.

Higher Vegetable Content

Many juice companies load up their juices with apples, oranges, and grapefruit. While they may taste delicious, these fruits add a lot of sugar to the juice and can’t compete with kale, cabbage, turmeric and ginger for health benefits.

When designing our juice blends, we focus on nutrient dense vegetables and herbs as our base and use a judicious amount of fruit to soften some of the bitterness from the vegetables.

No Preservatives, No Added Sugar