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We don't cook our juices!

Most juices sold at retail have been ‘boiled and bottled’ otherwise known as flash pasteurized. This literally means cooking the juice by raising the temperature above 63°C. This standard practice kills most living enzymes and phytonutrients as well as alters the flavour. When drinking a Juicy Moustache juice, you will experience unadulterated, pure juice. Because we believe you are what you eat and beauty shines from the inside out, we offer you the highest level of concentrated nutrients, naturally.

Our Juicer Rocks!

Our cold press juicer gently and completely extracts the natural vegetable and fruit juices unleashing the phytonutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements from our organic produce. This results in the finest quality and flavour which is unequalled by any other method of juice extraction. The cold press process produces juice so fine and pulp-free, it can be absorbed into your blood stream to feed your cells within 10 to 15 minutes. Our unique method also allows the juice to last 3 days without apparent loss of flavour, colour, or vital elements.

No water Added

Most juice companies including famous brands only use 3% real juice and rest 97% is water, sugar, colour, flavourings etc. We don’t add any water or sugar or preservatives or anything else to any of our cold-pressed juices, as this would dilute the nutrients and are very harmful to health. Just read the ingredient list of any famous packaged juice brand. Ours is 100% pure juice.

Super Fresh

We believe in fresh juice with short shelf lives. We cold-press our juices daily and door deliver everyday. We provide our customers with super fresh juice that’s concentrated in live enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and powerful phytonutrients.

Detox deliciously

Our recipes reinvent raw food and drink and are designed to deliver maximum nutrition with the minimum of sugar and calories. We think they are so good, you may want to keep drinking them after your cleanse!

We love the nature!

We use 100% natural, pesticide free, whole and unprocessed ingredients. We strive to use organic produce and source locally wherever possible. We support local farms in the region and only select suppliers that not only follow organic farming processes.

We minimize our waste and carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and composting.

Bottled in Glass

Plastic bottles cause cancer. The highest quality juice deserves the highest quality bottle. Our glass bottles are reusable which reduces our environmental footprint. Plus-and call us crazy here-drinking juice out of glass just tastes better.

Free Delivery

Currently we deliver all over Kolkata, Salt lake and New Town area. Only when you place your order, we prepare our juices with fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver to your doorstep within 60 minutes after we cold-press it



No longer a novelty item, MicroGreens have been popular in upscale culinary establishments for twenty years. MicroGreens have become a solid ingredient in the finest restaurants, and Eartharomaa has grown from a tiny start-up to India’s leading producer. Eartharomaa prides itself on providing the most consistent quality and wide variety available anywhere. In addition, we regularly introduce new and exciting MicroGreen varieties to the culinary world.

Eartharomaa microgreens are grown from certified organic seeds under highest growing standard, condition and using organic soil and other growing ingredients. Researchers have found that the growing conditions can greatly influence the nutritional content of microgreens. That’s why we here at Eartharomaa strive and create best environment for our microgreens to grow.

We mainly source our vegetables and fruits from Sikkim. In January 2016, Sikkim became India’s first “100 per cent organic” state. Today, all farming in Sikkim is carried out without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, providing access to safer food choices and making agriculture a more environment-friendly activity. We also source our vegetables and fruits from other organic growers in West Bengal and other states.